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July 2011

@hadleywickham Thank you, Hadley. Looks incredibly useful. cheers

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@recology_ @Oikos_Journal I will vicariously experience ESA this year via the tag.

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neilfws "The journal Biostatistics has an Associate Editor for Reproducibility" - how they handle papers: http://j.mp/nOchfU. Very interesting.

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MT Mendeley exceeds 100 million papers and releases v1.0: bit.ly/nPUu6Y” via @cboettig /@LoveMendeley

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@weecology wow, that was fast! Looking forward to using and contributing to the wiki!

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richardcave Announcing the PLoS Article-Level Metrics API: bit.ly/nRKeYd. Usage stats, citation counts and more! for articles published at PLoS

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Infochimps + rattle ( Rattle (the R Analytic Tool To Learn Easily) dirk.eddelbuettel.com/cranberries/cr…

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sckottie Check out --> INNGE: international Network of Next Generation Ecologists http://innge.net/

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@ethanwhite Got it. I forgot that I am always on my schools ip or proxy.

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Not the slightest bit surprised that such a blog exists --> statswithcats.wordpress.com

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The story behind Gregory Maxwell's dump of 18,592 JSTOR articles on pirate bay. is.gd/JZrqwJ

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@ethanwhite Doesn't jstor offer that anyway after x years? Or do we still need some sort of academic subsciption?

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MicrosoftR NYTimes blogs on , &atats: http://nyti.ms/ova class="at">@revodavidavid

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@nsfabina Go celebrate at Sophia's

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@markus_eichhorn Thanks for the heads up, Markus. Finally a place to send in articles that couldn't be published anywhere else.

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arnabdotorg I'd like to start an "It Gets Better" project for grad students. Except that we'd be lying, you've made a horrible irrevocable life choice.

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@researchremix Saw this a while back. it's on my "things to put on the startup list". It would be great if the source was on the back.

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@ethanwhite Indeed. I <3 PNAS for adding in subject tags making it super easy to filter the 147 articles that go out each week.

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Why We Publish http://j.mp/pmuHo1 from Jason Hoyt @Mendeley

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Recology: shortcomings of current methods to archive ecology/evolution data sets online http://j.mp/pKsBGt

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Decline of predatory species throws food chains out of whack http://j.mp/owlcka

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@recology_ I predict that proposal calls, at the very least will remain the same. Next deadline is 3 days away. Followed by Jan 15th.

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An impressive collection of R Cheat Sheets http://j.mp/pAz4eI (via @recology_)

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MT DataONE postdoc position in semantics+ integration. Location flexible! Interested, get in touch: dataone.org/contact (via @researchremix)

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Scientist crowd sources summer funding. Absolutely brilliant. http://j.mp/oL1gk1

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If you're an academic and don't use @ScrivenerApp, here is a compelling review http://www.readability.c...

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MT Executable Journals as the future of science publication! bit.ly/qdG9jN (via @figshare/ @carlystrasser)

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Google+ has opened up invites for me again. DM me again (with an email add) if any of you need one before they close the window again.

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@researchremix You have 24 hour coffee shops?!? *gasp*

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My google+ invitations are out for now but I've invited everyone who has DMed me so far. Hopefully you will be able to sign in shortly...

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If any of you academics needs a Google+ invite, DM me.

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@LizNeeley DM me your email, I'll send you an invite.

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