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August 25th, 2011

mrgunn I've storify-ed the presentation links and other interesting sites mentioned at : http://sfy.co/FgI @mwittin @TAC_NISO @jasonpriem

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. @sorcha_ni "Keep calm and mint dois"! Amen

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. @sorcha_ni We need active curation of data (not mere preservation)

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@carlystrasser Not sure if I agree with that entirely. My THM has been treat data much the same way we treat articles.

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Glad I didn't get rickrolled at OK GO'ed instead.

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ekansa I like ORCID lots, but will it make academia look even more like Mordor?

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Someone tell me this journal exists? imgur.com/heVtq

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@sorcha_ni or perhaps I could find you during the break? I'm wearing a green shirt with Texas on it.

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Janée: Lack of formal workflows makes it difficult to incorporate new/better data without revisiting entire processing chain.

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Janée: Big shortcoming in earth sciences (also climate change ecology) is lack of formal workflows. Impedes reproducible research

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Greg Janée alexandria.ucsb.edu/~gjanee/ Articles are static (no versions unlike github) and also lack good provenance.

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@jasonpriem It also has the exact same API as delicious so it wouldn't be too much work for you :)

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. @ORCID_Org is soon providing an open platform and will allow researchers to showcase data products in addition to pubs

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@ndiipp @mdelhaye @joan_starr @jasonpriem Actually it's citwaitions. slide 9/31 here -> bit.ly/nNkMNh

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