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July 18th, 2012

forestdim Great new reference book for theoretical ecologists. It's kind of a big deal. amzn.to/Mx7VB7

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Quick and dirty markdown blog post.
1. Write a public gist in md
2. gist.io/_the_gist_ID
3. There is no 3.

example: gist.io/3140028

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@ethanwhite Indeed. and I am glad we are able to keep the discussion open to get these outdated publishing policies changed.

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@ethanwhite Such a shame about their policy.

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@KTInvasion Thanks! We totally missed that registration is not required for free workshops. So yes, you can just show up. cc/@rOpenSci

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@ESA_org @labroides @carlystrasser @LizNeeley Pro tip: The cool ecologists also put a bird on their ESA tote bags.

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Attending this year? There is still time to register for our R data workshop. esa.ropensci.org cost = $0

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@MiriamGoldste @carlystrasser @labroides @LizNeeley @jebyrnes we’re gonna make this happen! /puts a bird on this tweet.

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