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August 5th, 2012

My new Portland hipster roommates are the best.

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Public transport in portland is weird. Homeless people, hipsters, homeless people, HIPSTERS!!!

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@MiriamGoldste how does one add your list to a mobile twitter client? Worked on tweet deck.

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JacquelynGill Stop by the Social Media workshop tomorrow at lunch--better yet, bring your colleagues and labmates who don't use social media.

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pro-tip. People near your gate wearing tevas, chacos, monkey shoes, patagonia, or mountain hardware are one of you.

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@JacquelynGill will you be giving away any free tweets at your workshop?

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Everyone note that my tweets this week will appear in real time unlike @nbc olympics coverage. No time delay!

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@sandramchung I love stickers! I want one! I want to put that bird on my name tag!

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@VirginAmerica She's right! I'm on flight 816 to Portland. MT "@carlystrasser: they should really give you free drinks for your troubles."

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Non ecology followers, this would be a good time to mute me for a week. Most tweets will be ESA related

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. @VirginAmerica has delayed my flight for the second time. Anyone still in sfo ready to start happy hour early?

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@MiriamGoldste I love dead guy ale and am quite looking forward to it.

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Is Portland bike friendly? Do they have good artisanal coffee, exciting beer, maybe some free range chicken?

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At ESA this week? Check out some @dataone events: dataone.org/esa-2012

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DataONEorg WK16 on Data Management started. Look for DataONE at these other events: dataone.org/esa-2012

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@carlystrasser wait up! Just clearing tsa at sfo. Be there in a few.

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First experience with @VirginAmerica appalling so far. Tsa didn’t recognize e boarding pass. Back to print one and start the line all over.

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@labroides i hope you read the chicken’s profile first.

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Getting on a plane to Portland shortly. Anything exciting happening this week? Maybe something sciencey?

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