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September 2012

Added some bootstrap documentation for rAltmetric cc/@altmetric


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postdocproblems I still find it hilarious when people refer to me as doctor.

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Love annotation_raster in the new version of ggplot2.
Thanks @hadleywickham !

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Just coded up a working version of a R interface to @altmetric github.com/ropensci/rAltm… Any feeback / usecases welcome. cc/@rOpenSci

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Me too. RT @jonesor: I can relate to this lately. xkcd.com/844/

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@ninamehta we are all in agreement with the baby on this one.

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mappingmashups For @stamen's map of corporate shuttles in (stamen.com/zero1/) they located many of the "secret" bus stops using @Foursquare!

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. @stamen and now disavowed child both hate potato circle graphs.

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. @stamen disavows ownership of child with really picky furniture taste. BREAKING.

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. @shashashasha talk to me about kernels and minimum convex polygons. I do similar things with wildlife migration data.

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Baby cranky at . Not impressed by fancy furniture.

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@lizasperling totally! All meetups should be in furniture stores!

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@jasonpriem Where does Tim Hortons rank on the coffee horribleness scale?

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@duffy_ma Thanks for giving our twitter survey a plug! We stil need lots of folks to fill in missing info. cc/ @cjlortie

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. @duffy_ma on twitter for science. dynamicecology.wordpress.com/2012/09/13/why… But it seems a bit meta tweeting about it because y'all already drank the koolaid.

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@cjlortie Im ad admin for one of the trees academictree.org/tereco/ and will poke around my admin tools.

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@cjlortie Didn’t inspire me to keep working either. Don’t know if they include data in a supplement but I can get it if needed.

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Wondering why I've been getting so many emails about the terrestrial ecology tree. This is why: -> nature.com/nature/journal…

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@ethanwhite y'all are making me look lazy. Might have to one up you at @duffy_ma by macgyvering a rowing/skiing desk.

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I'm this excited about science most (not all) days like @arielwaldman flickr.com/photos/2413934…
Also, this needs to be my office wallpaper.

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A final reminder. If you tweeted with in August and didn't fill out this short survey, please help out surveymonkey.com/s/esatweets thx!

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stevehit Is there enough big academic innovation? Berners-Lee: "I would have liked to have seen more development around open data” (FT)

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mbeisen Blinded by Big Science: The lesson I learned from is that projects like ENCODE are not a good idea michaeleisen.org/blog/?p=1179

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Impactstory Check out the R wrapper @rOpenSci has built for total-impact! Includes examples that make the api easier to use! ow.ly/dBa0M

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@phdpqc Is the repo ready to fork at this point or do you recommend waiting?

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wow. @sciencemagazine is ending honorary authorship. This is amazing.

sciencemag.org/content/337/60… via @victoriastodden

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mbeisen today's XKCD xkcd.com/1104/ features kid reading PLoS ONE article about raptor stability flapping plosone.org/article/info%3…

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@phdpqc @ethanwhite @ctitusbrown Awesome. I've forked a copy and will submit a pull request once I have add something substantial.

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ESA_Prez2013 All ESA journals accept submissions of ms that have previously been posted to a preprint service such as arXiv! A great way to get feedback!

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This is why science is awesome.


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