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October 13th, 2012

@IHStreet @Pettorelli +1. Seriously contemplating leaving academia in the next year. Hoping to find another way to keep doing science.

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@distribecology @recology_ I think I win this round of hipsterest coffee shop. pic.twitter.com/b7SxyUhw

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@IHStreet @Pettorelli agreed. But the problem is so pervasive in STEM that we are reaching a breaking point.

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@distribecology There is one guy here at the arbor cafe with a Sony Vaio. We're all giving him dirty looks.

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Many more @rOpenSci packages are either on CRAN or will soon get there. Look at all the green on this page! ropensci.org/packages/

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@recology_ @ethanwhite @fonnesbeck @EliSwede Anyone know if pandoc supports multi-markdown tables? I also hate lack of tables in mdown.

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birbigs I want to live in the Quiet Car of life.

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I really wish @TweetDeck would let you mute folks for various lengths of time like @tweetbot

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Fun fact: I begin nearly all weekends with a todo list titled "Fires burning" as immortalized in this painting. bukk.it/shitsonfire.jpg

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. @recology_ is a R machine. Two packages off to CRAN the same day!

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Great perspective on work-life balance and gender inequality in academia by @Pettorelli sciencecareers.sciencemag.org/career_magazin…
couldn't agree more.

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rOpenSci ritis, our wrapper to the Integrated Taxonomic Information Service (or ITIS) was just sent to CRAN, code: bit.ly/HyWEsx

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@msanclem @MiriamGoldste Can I blurb the book? "Total…garbage". or maybe I should save that for Miriam's garbage patch book.

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@Impactstory Will there be altpetizers at this event? maybe some altisanal beer?

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@MiriamGoldste I always use Frontier when I travel to/from CO. I like them a lot.

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eperlste If the victors of the Tenure Games have no incentive to change and everyone else gets killed, how does academia evolve?

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@duffy_ma I get science done at a much slower pace and I don't even have a baby.

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@melissaterras Love it. I bet Governor mittens will give us all professor jobs.

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The myth of making tenure (or finding a TT job) is now officially folklore. …miainchildrenspicturebooks.tumblr.com/post/335104222…

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