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October 16th, 2012

@CMastication More cores not always = faster computation. For work that I do, it levels of at 96.

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@CMastication Seems completely silly. The IO transfer across that many cores will negate any added benefit of that much power.

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One of the many joys of working from home. Coding/writing in my back yard. pic.twitter.com/FxyZW9Td

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@ethanwhite Love their work too. I need to connect with @fperez_org and talk about some python /R image analysis ideas.

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@researchremix @ORCID_Org I'm always embarrassed by all of my code all the time. So, I'm like way way ahead of my peers, right?

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Downloading 150 gigs of simulation data from @NICS high performance storage system. Data transfer speed makes it look like black magic.

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A vintage photo of E.B. White composing a tweet. freecabinporn.com/post/337097906…
But srsly, this is one way to finish that manuscript.

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@DavidJohnGibson @figshare @ORCID_Org Don't listen to @ethanwhite This mean you are now the protagonist in the new Susan Orlean book.

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@recology_ @rstudioapp But how? embed it inside the gui?

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@Impactstory @researchremix Are all your new API changes done? Can I hack away again?

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