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November 14th, 2012

@labroides Clearly it's now time for a tumblr blog filled with firstyearfaculty anxiety.

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@figshare Feature request: I'd like to click on "x shares" and see who the sharers are. Like this: altmetric.com/details.php?ci…

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I've queued up 960 cores and 3.84 TB of RAM to complete a whole bunch of simulations tonight. Nobody screw up, ok?

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Pretty neat! Slides from @cboettig's CPB exit seminar on @figshare.

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@jebyrnes I'd totally apply if it weren't so genomics heavy. Show some love for ecoinformatics, yo!

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@larysar Absolutely. Some of us already do that. See: github.com/PhDP/article_p… and slides from my talk: inundata.org/R_talks/BARUG/…

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R is exciting! MT @sandramchung: @_inundata Then you should like this! pic.twitter.com/IiXP3QJ8

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@rmounce It better be the best damn paper I ever read!

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@sandramchung Nice! I love seeing other people get excited about R!

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@larysar In a single make file I update the styles repo, copy latest bib file from Mendeley and parse everything with pandoc.

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@larysar Yeah, I use pandoc. Styles are freely available here: github.com/citation-style… example: --bibliography foo.bib --csl amnat.csl

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@cjlortie that's one of the submissions for the special issue, yo.

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dullhunk @ctitusbrown wants an easy way to copy blog posts to @figshare & give them DOIs ivory.idyll.org/blog/w4s-tech-… +1 (that'd be handy)

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