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November 27th, 2012

cboettig @F1000 indeed! I'd follow @F1000Ecology & @F1000Evolution if they existed

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@jasonpriem @cboettig just as easy. Just edit your page and post templates.

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Interesting post on image manipulation w/ . Not convinced it outperforms python/matlab for real world usecases.

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Interesting approach to automating note taking + metadata extraction from pdfs using applescript and Skim. chronicle.com/blogs/profhack…

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Peter Kareiva’s talk in press at Biosci. “we are advocating conservation for people rather than from people.”

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MikeTaylor Dear Every Other Journal: please emulate PeerJ's policy of not requiring references to be formatted in any specific style at submission time

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@noamross @cboettig Looks like @thePeerJ is not requiring the use of any journal styles. That’s a good start.

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