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December 3rd, 2012

. @thrawny’s neat video about posting to @figshare from R using @rOpenSci’s rfigshare on @figshare figshare.com/articles/autom…

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@LizNeeley @JenEDavison alas I can’t tonight. Looking fwd to seeing you guys tomorrow though. Maybe dinner before tweetup?

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@distribecology What journal? Use pandoc and a separate cal file?

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@LizNeeley Is there a plan for a tweetup this week?

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Anyone know what % of animal species are arthropods? with citation of course. Ones in my know of are dated.

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monday morning conference call, email, writing job app, proposal, paper, coding in R, coffee boiling over...

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@colindonihue A bit alarmist IMO. The humanities have always had a rough time, now more so than ever.

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omearabrian Due to recent grant, will likely seek postdoc in phylogeography/species delim/programming soon. Also, nimbios.org/postdocs/ deadline Dec 11

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