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December 6th, 2012

@jasonpriem don't tell me you're greping html. /cries

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@zachwill me too. Looks like they took a lot of UI cues from gmail.

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@abigailamey more powerful pepper spray. If you take one, as someone how to use it (for bears). I believe you aim low (because it rises).

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@hadleywickham Having a hard time installing the new plyr. Tried binary, source etc. gist.github.com/4228672

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@recology_ poked around for api docs. there is none.

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@lizabio Thanks for live-tweeting the talk! In another meeting close by, unfortunately.

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@revodavid Love the design of these types of sites! I always try to break them by typing in some other R command or function :)

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Lots of interesting articles coming up soon on Methods in E&E


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Everyone noticed that @github now let’s you create files via the web, right?

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Really neat blog post on making better presentations. Love those examples. gazit.me/2012/12/05/des…@srsupp

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Some thoughts on building a preprint server. inundata.org/2012/12/06/pre… cc/ @mfenner

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teeniedeenie New blogpost: Part I of deux - my advice to young biologists who want to get into bioinformatics adina.github.com/2012/12/05/gro…

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@ficaryl Indeed! Does AU not have open container laws?

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