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December 28th, 2012

@brookeborel Looks like an eyeless pig with a forked tongue from the thumbnail. :)

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Save Publishing is a bookmarklet that grabs tweetable sentences from any web page. savepublishing.com

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@ctitusbrown @rmounce @figshare are these raw or intermediate data? @nics allows me to archive files in that range but not openly.

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As an EEID nerd, I highly recommend these awesome (pandemic porn) suggestions from @David_Dobbs slate.com/articles/healt…

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hmason I just wrote: Getting Started with Data Science bit.ly/WNpwFT

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@edyong209 I went through an insomnia phase last year. I don't envy you.

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Curling up with Python Scripting for Computational Sciences. Great holiday read if you've been holding out for something good.

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