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January 7th, 2013

Area man uses @github issues to manage home improvements. brilliant.
@applepie, @researchremix

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Also guilty of Samples can be incubated anywhere between 2 hours to 3 days. I know because I got busy a few times.

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UncleDynamite When I die, a simple service with a silvery trumpet under a pale blue sky & a headstone saying Never Wrote A Single Huffington Post Column.

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Aforementioned ecobloggers brought to you by @INNGEcologist @tpoi and @naupakaz. Great work!

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Interested in following ecology blogs but hate adding each one to your feed reader? Add this instead innge.net/?q=ecobloggers…@INNGEcologist

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Loving @github contributions! Just go to any github profile page and take a look.

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@INNGEcologist Include my blog please but only the ecology tag. inundata.org/category/ecolo…

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@Dr_Bik thanks for writing that post. We seem share the *exact* same mindset on these issues. Couldn't have said it any better.

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@overnightprints Trying to print some letterheads (just 100) for academic use. Any chance you could give me a discount code?

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@jasonpriem nicely done. Working on a Twitter paper myself and this is great.

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Wow, Stypi (stypi.com) looks like a slick alternative to etherpad (write collaboratively in real time). ↬ @hadleywickham

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A list of *awesome* Tweetbot regular expressions to mute Twitter annoyances.


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@LizNeeley That's fantastic! Wish I could unplug like that.

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@LizNeeley welcome back! Wondered why you disappeared. Good on you for taking a Twitter break. :)

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All of the stress that eats into my soul (or what's left) a little bit every day eloquently described by @Dr_Bik


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postdoc stress = dangerous kind; its a subtle, constant kind of stress that silently creeps into your life. bit.ly/1396oGI

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@tomjwebb I use it. Super useful to keep writing organized without a proliferation of files. Totally worth it.

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