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January 13th, 2013

@figshare Does figshare care if a git repository is zipped up and deposited for sharing? Or are zip files prohibited?

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love this “This lack of adv. and user-friendly software has motivated us to extend freely available open-source software” (from prev link).

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Found it! 1.usa.gov/UXHfdo (thanks to fully searchable archive of my tweets via @Pinboard)

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Someone tweeted about building on OS software and ended up writing an article on it with original author in @PLOS. Anyone remember details?

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@mbeisen sounds fantastic. Would love to see the arXiv model expanded. Is anyone at plos working on implementation or just an idea for now?

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@PLOS can you let your senior PLOS Bio editor, @theo_bloom know they her account has been hacked and has been tweeting spam for days now.

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@mbeisen We are all very grateful for it. Long live @PLOS.

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@joe_pickrell @ethanwhite explaining this to older relatives often blows their mind.

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I’ve read far too many depressing articles this week.

Current status: twitpic.com/buy6ne

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@labroides It should be that simple but I have a feeling it’s not. Hope I’m wrong.

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@recology_ @researchremix @figshare good to know. Journals always seem to complain about this stuff. At least my experience so far.

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@duffy_ma lots of email back and forth. conference calls. people actually traveling to meetings. *gasp*

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Is it actually possible to cite anything from @figshare in a peer-reviewed article?

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xieyihui being Ripleyed again... how about this: if (Sys.getenv('USER') != 'ripley') { unit_test() }

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annegalloway This is important! What’s wrong with the advice we give to suicidal people? blog.valerieaurora.org/2013/01/12/sui… (via @jeanburgess)

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