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January 24th, 2013

@recology_ you’re not crazy. did it disappear? I haven’t used it in a while.

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Hey eco evo folks, final week to get in on the @rOpenSci offer.


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Cmdr_Hadfield The Golden Gate Bridge from space, and if you look closely, its shadow. pic.twitter.com/lz4HEoMb

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@GrunerDaniel indeed. Nice to see you more on Twitter though. Sorry didn’t get to catch up at esa.

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I really want to watch the new BBC Africa series. Anywhere online I can stream it?

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Very thoughtful post by @MiriamGoldste on privilege in marine sci (but applies more broadly). I relate to this.

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@GrunerDaniel You need to start a blog, Dan. The Gruner log. or something. I’d totally read it.

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@jebyrnes Nice. Can you differentiate tweets from ecolog? Is that bit ly link tied to someone’s account?

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@drnickisaac Please post a new tweet when that permanent position is announced.

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All the conference spam I get has pegged me as an in-demand algae expert in China. Other ecologists get the same or diff kinds?

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blogging tips: Write post. Tell everyone who disagrees that they misunderstood. Update post as req. Add emoticons to diff awkwardness.

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Tim @tpoi weighs in on the where to submit your paper discussion. bit.ly/14ed1Hu mostly agree.

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@sjGoring @JacquelynGill Right. Just desc. the article. I subscribe to this point though.

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Go read this fantastic response by @BoraZ about where to submit your paper.


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statsy people, if there is no code there is no paper. I simply don’t know what you did.


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@tpoi @rmounce @JacquelynGill @hylopsar @tomezard @DavidJohnGibson Also room for more articles! ping me if you want to write another one.

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@rmounce love it too but impact factor?? Doesn't help folks on the job market.

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