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February 17th, 2013

The Trappist on a Sunday afternoon is what I imagine the set of Portlandia would look like.

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So awesome to be watching the activity on a @github repo for a paper ill soon be handling.

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Shoutout to my neighbor for taking down (what's left of) his Christmas tree.

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This is why the tenure games really suck and why we can’t have nice things.
cc/ @chrismentzel

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@larysar What error does it throw up? Can you clone this repo and run the command in the readme? bit.ly/UvWgpg

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suggestions for folks to interview on @eebtools are most welcome. Send a tweet or email (interviews at eebtools org)

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@TheAtavism Yes indeed :) too much to fit into a tweet!

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Excited to launch @eebtools, interviews with ecologists (and other folks) about the tools they use to do science. bit.ly/W0GJxu

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