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March 22nd, 2013

@ethanwhite @DanMcGlinn @swcarpentry @caitpickens I'm mentally picturing all of you listening to eye of the tiger. Running up stairs.

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TurboGrandma I'm gonna try not to spill 4.9 million gallons of oil in the gulf RT @BP_America
What's one thing you could do to save on energy in 2013?

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If you feel the need to torture your local parking enforcement officer.


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My lab group in Berkeley is looking for a strong R programmer. Apply or pass this on!


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@LizNeeley so jealous you already bought the new Nirvana cd!

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@vsbuffalo @hspter You can also set autosetuprebase = always in your global .gitconfig to prevent merge commits.

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@DataDiviner @ctitusbrown @eperlste how is this any different from the real world?

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@gvwilson there is no subscript in markdown. Just use the HTML tag.

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