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May 24th, 2013

@cjlortie Would be great if you can help with this.

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@cjlortie open data open science. Looks like too late to schedule but if I can then I can justify spending money to fly out to London.

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j_timmer The reward for this years most unintelligible paper title may have bee won this week:

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Just learned about Zenodo (bit.ly/16eRD9J), a non-profit repository, via this great article by @rmounce bit.ly/16eRALb

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Verizon does nothing to protect you.

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@vndimitrova I’ll have to pick your brain about some shared goals/ideas very soon.

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@vndimitrova Just learned about bit.ly/12SKMhi
Looks fantastic and closely aligned in mission to a project I’m working on @rOpenSci

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@cboettig The notion that an object now has a permanent identifier that will resolve somewhere as opposed to something more fleeting.

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@ctitusbrown @naupakaz kred? kred? Tell me you’re joking. *sigh*

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@brookeborel That’s my museum! My office is on the same floor.

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@recology_ @tpoi I think I might know someone who knows something about this.

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