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September 24th, 2013

@kara_woo @hspter @carlystrasser You cannot unsee. I fell for something similar recently.

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@ElDon78 you a America’s cup fan?

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sween Oh, @Horse_ebooks was fake? I'm so sorry. Does it make you feel better if I tell you the *rest* of the universe is random and pointless?

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@polesasunder Why not try it with your next ms? Listing a github repo in a paper is fine.

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kaythaney "Mozilla plan seeks to debug scientific code" - feature in @NatureNews on our code review pilot with @PLOSCompBiol: bit.ly/15pC89t

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Anyone writing their dissertation in the open using knitr and markdown? I need to share examples with a student.

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@hadleywickham Is dplyr stable enough to teach with? Worth switching new folks directly over to it?

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@jonesor Yup,been using it for two weeks now. Way more useful than it looks. Inbox is actually an inbox now.

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