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November 1st, 2013

@ppolischuk That sounds like a challenge. I have a ms waiting to go to plosone. Will try.

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@revodavid mine occasionally re springs but would be shocked to see a BSOD.

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@kara_woo Yes, it is that cool. But also a non profit. So not evil.

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Watching a demo of hypothesis. Looks really cool. bit.ly/18LfNnm

Crowd sourced annotation of scholarly articles. Currently in alpha

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@gaugesapp @recology_ We’re pulling analytics down in R. Allows us to programmatically analyze metrics. We also run @rOpenSci

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@recology_ @gaugesapp @github It was their bastard child they ignored for long enough. Hope the new family is nicer.

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sckottie Taking a month off of my postdoc to work on @rOpenSci - I'm like a kid in a candy store

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