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November 9th, 2013

@DrLabRatOry I’m at a party at a friends house. Seems cool to me. Good to know how long to get home.

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@kobriendublin hey are you on game of thrones?

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Just discovered a new ios7 feature. It tells you how long it’ll take to get home from where you are. pic.twitter.com/hG9RzMRwGq

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dhaelewa A carabid, a primitive weevil, and there's a third! Can you see the phoretic mite nymph? [photo: André De Kesel] pic.twitter.com/9EW1gK8w0X

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gvwilson .@npch No point requiring deposit of data if no automatic way to verify usability. (This is why most data mgmt plans are pointless ritual.)

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@ppolischuk Just found out that there are no Doge is my co pilot stickers in existence. Such disappoint.

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Or more correctly, airbags for cyclists (and clumsy people).
I could’ve used it a few weeks ago.

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