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November 14th, 2013

@npch hi Neil. Did you make it into town?

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@hspter @jaimedash @naupakaz don’t make me drive over there in my solar powered Prius & whack you over the head with my stop all wars sign.

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@hspter I do too! Although that is a dangerous path to go down.

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@arfon @fperez_org @profjsb I think registration is only required if you are presenting.

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Third time in two days I’ve been asked if I’m an undergrad. Being stressed out make you look younger?

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ethanwhite Data Science Fellows "to work at the boundaries between the data-science methods and the sciences." Apply now! cds.nyu.edu/opportunities/

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Packrat seems like an interesting tool for . Wrap all packages for a project into a new lib and version that. bit.ly/188gnQd

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@johnmyleswhite @seanjtaylor Yep. Tuesday works if that’s good with Sean. Otherwise could do Fri too. My email is first . last [at] gmail.

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@ElDon78 Wish I could quit email. or even stem the tide.

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@ethanwhite @recology_ @kaythaney Quick, someone write a plugin that mirrors content to another pad.

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@GrunerDaniel Looks like a giant isopod!

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jennschiffer "911 Stack Overflow, what's your emergency?"
"I'm on fire, I need to stop this fire ahhhh" "Why would you even want to do that?"

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