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January 23rd, 2014

So delighted to see distinguished professor and scientist extraordinaire Marc Mangel on Twitter. Early @MarcMangel1

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How bad is it to ask an author to cite my work? In this case it’s super relevant, I normally don’t do this, and I’m signing my review.

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@noamross how are you learning Julia? Just reading the official docs?

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@davelester Hi Dave! Nice to virtually meet you. Is there a good email to reach you at? I’m first.last at gmail.

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@omearabrian Most of my meetings have been defaulting to calls since Skype has only gotten worse with time.

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Github not only renders geoJSON with Mapbox but also throws in an octocat sea monster in the pacific ocean.

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@noamross I don’t think you can. At least not not now.
cc @johnmyleswhite

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@turingfan @figshare Nice! Almost thought you were at Highclere Castle.

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@tomjwebb “Great work, accept right away!”

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TAlexPerkins code now available for my recent paper @PLOSCompBiol. cannot guarantee that it's pretty or bug-free, but it's there! github.com/TAlexPerkins/P…

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