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January 29th, 2014

Looks pretty nifty on first glance. Interactive R plots in your browser, much like rCharts. bit.ly/1cw7l1C

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@carlystrasser You don’t have to adopt another one. Just go get coffee, pet other cats, go home, pet NJ.

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@Impactstory @researchremix @jasonpriem Also disappointed by this. This acquisition did nothing more than kill a valuable data source.

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This work was made possibly by daily trips to the cheese board.

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@hadleywickham @tjmahr @ramnath_vaidya so if I understand correctly redirect x as z into that anonymous fn?

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@andyteucher @recology_ It is waterproof but don’t know if it (or any sticker) can survive a dishwasher. Give it a try. We can send more.

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