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February 25th, 2014

More pictures of Riches of California to follow. This is the closest you can get to one and his first in the US. pic.twitter.com/wUVYzRQahl

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Admiring some Diego Rivera at the SF city club. pic.twitter.com/ApWEvXtpPk

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@gvwilson @kaythaney I was really hoping that Greg would take me out for ice cream as a prize.

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@minrk my exp has been fine so far. What happened?

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@emilysdarling I speak!
It says two weird babies with a side of fedora.

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@carlystrasser I like my hash tags verbose and my coffee black.

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Heading in for for the rest of the afternoon. Anyone want to catch up?

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@noamross planning to host @johnmyleswhite sometime this year at Cal. You’ll have other opportunities to see him talk.

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@npch It does feel real unless there is someone outside in a SSI shirt!

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hadleywickham testthat 0.8.1 now on CRAN: better errors, more expectations & many fixes: blog.rstudio.org/2014/02/25/tes… + github.com/hadley/testtha…

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@npch @powersoffour Such paths are few and far between.

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