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March 29th, 2014

So excited to receive a new pack of Shelterwood Field Notes today!
Thanks @Coudal! pic.twitter.com/wdJuzIrNHF

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kwbroman I wish I were in San Francisco pic.twitter.com/TUXjTmc9BT

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And all resolved. Thanks @asmallorange!

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Our server goes down on a really important weekend and support has no idea what’s going on. @asmallorange dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2223411/gifs…

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@swcarpentry Revive Make? Absolutely. Needs to some good teaching material though. @kwbroman has some fantastic stuff. @bendmorris also.

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@JuliaGustavsen awesome! I really wish someone had taught me this in my first semester of grad school.

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I really really love Make. Here’s a well written article from @mbostock about why you should use it too. bit.ly/1dDL9W6

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@ChrisGandrud nice idea! I’ll work on it after our hackathon craziness is over.

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