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April 7th, 2014

denormalize anyone know if it's possible to get the illustrations from either Buffon's natural history or the Dover pictorial archive as open data?

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CaraFennec I know how you feel, vending machine.... I know how you feel pic.twitter.com/cK3eGvwSnB

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@ethanwhite @skmorgane @gvwilson hey it just occurred to me that my MacBook Air is called Serenity. Can I join your cult?

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One of those days when I'm super happy I invested in an ostrich pillow.

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@kara_woo you and Excel should go on some daytime show and hash it out.

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@hspter I had a feeling where that article was going!

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@hspter I won’t get to see it till the weekend. Was it good?

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seanjtaylor R: The Good Parts. hackerretreat.com/r-good-parts/ via @friggeri

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When technology actually works things are pretty awesome. Just brainstormed/screenshared with @ramnath_vaidya to solve a nagging issue.

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Four pillars of scholarly publishing: The future and a foundation feat @jebyrnes @CameronNeylon @cjlortie is out.

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