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April 30th, 2014

@juancommander Yes, no immediate plans to develop it further.

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@treycausey Great to meet you tonight! I’ll send you some recs for the Napa area. Enjoy your weekend.

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nicoles slowly, slowly, drawing a picture of san francisco with my feet. pic.twitter.com/LL3VIN7QTB

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UC Berkeley is making me fill out various forms to add the Regents of the UC as a vendor. dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2223411/gifs…

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@ElDon78 but it only does voice and screen sharing. Not video.

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@TrestleJeff Cool, never tried it. Will check it out for next time.

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@ethanwhite @geospacedman On second thought, it would be good to have a clone to stand in that line.

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@srsupp You’d be surprised. HR and sponsored projects use it regularly here.

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I haven’t had a clear Skype call in ages. @screenhero on the other hand continues to get better all the time. Great for pair programming.

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@MarcMangel1 one of the best pieces of advice I took from you.

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