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September 30th, 2014

@romain_francois @sgrifter @hspter
Aux Champs Elysées just showed up on my shuffle.
You guys! I miss useR!

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Plenty of interesting people dropping by @calBIDS lately. Today, Bill Press. bit.ly/1rqWazR

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HoeflerCo I love the bycatch of Google Image searches. This one: a single line connecting every US Zip Code, in order. pic.twitter.com/7X1GnQHT1g

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@groundwalkergmb But what an odd thing to say. I thought it was Maceij making a job but that is a real quote!

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@saunaksen Thanks Saunak! I’m not looking to tweet from the CL but I’m really enjoying running queries (like do two people know each other).

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@kwbroman I will be speaking at UCSF in March! Thank you for the connection.

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