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October 15th, 2014

@romain_francois you and @yihui should do stand up together. He’s killing it here at

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StatModeling New post: The Fault in Our Stars: It's even worse than they say andrewgelman.com/2014/10/15/fau…

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Some guy at took the whole data janitor thing seriously. pic.twitter.com/DZmrHcxKsp

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@oceankidbilly @hspter Hilary taught me how to pronounce this function → bit.ly/1qt1q0N correctly.

and I also wanted to Yo.

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jq, command line JSON parser. bit.ly/1ruB1il

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SoftwareSaved Software is fundamental to research! If you agree, sign our petition: change.org/p/everyone-in-…

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“You won’t be able to read this but that’s ok”.

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hadleywickham Can't make it to day at ? Code, data and slides at bit.ly/rday-strata14. Learn dplyr, ggvis, shiny, rmarkdown, packrat

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