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February 4th, 2015

Pinboard Since I’ve been criticized today for negativity, I want to call attention to the current 1% packet acceptance rate, not the 99% packet loss

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@quominus OMG. They are playing a mile from my house on May 1!!!
Tickets bought!

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How the Dat project runs an async team. bit.ly/1Atfkth

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@quominus sadly no SF. :( :(
Might try for the O2 on the 21st.

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@quominus ooh. Forgot they must be touring. *checks calendar*

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The new Decemberists album brings me much joy.

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@hlapp You are cramming for your stats final??? Good luck Hilmar!!

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@weecology What? Not the Whedon Institute for Swamp Browncoats?

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@SuseJohnston :) well, doesn’t the error tell you which chunk has the problem? That should be a good start, right?

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@SuseJohnston an error in your code? If so the sopping is by design. You can override it but you should just fix those issues anyway.

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@timelyportfolio @opencpu nice! We might hack on turf at our unconference. Morgan H will likely attend.

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