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April 8th, 2015

@stephaniehicks @astrobiased Pretty sure these data exist from PhD exit surveys. I’ve seen this in a few talks recently.

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ok, @ch402’s blog is gorgeous
e.g. bit.ly/1Cq8NLe

Tempted to switch personal blog to Hakyll bit.ly/1Nb5Mdk But also *sigh*

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@JennyBryan @cboettig I’m totally with you. Replacing ldply has not been as elegant for me.

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Also just noticed that @chrismentzel called me and colleagues at @UCBIDS “pioneers” in @Monya_science’s Nature article.

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@astrobiased Im also mentioned in there otherwise I wouldn’t have known. ;)

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Nature article “Data science: Industry allure” featuring @astrobiased

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ucfagls "Data science: Industry allure" from this week's Nature, working outside academia on computing & data, ft @_inundata bit.ly/1NU,sNfA

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Refrencing Bengio et al’s work on NLP bit.ly/1aL1xUP [PDF] @chrisemoody

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Learning about Chis Olah’s great blog (bit.ly/1IKvezG) from @chrisemoody

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