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June 4th, 2015

@hspter @quominus @kwbroman @drob I'll speak on some of these issues at the R foundation at the end of the month.

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@quominus @gdequeiroz Keep sending suggestions for how to make useR a safe and welcoming event. I'll work hard to make it happen for 2016.

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@kwbroman @drob @quominus 💯 to what Karl said. We don't need to compete. Let's just work on making ours better.

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@quominus @drob let's chat soon at useR/hangout. I think we can do a better job to improve. It's my goal to make our community better.

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@quominus I guess it’s another term for code of conduct? Here’s ours: bit.ly/1BLZuGA

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@quominus I’ll make sure there is a friendly spaces policy at useR2016.

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@quominus You guys should really get set up on syncopatico

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@quominus Doesn’t that organization you work for (wikibananas?) have a good one?

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@quominus Can you point me to a good friendly spaces policy?

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@kwbroman You’re such a good pirate. Using arrrR and well d3.

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@stefanbache @kwbroman Just fave and unfave. I’ll know what’s going on.

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user2015aalborg The program for @user2015aalborg is now available: user2015.math.aau.dk/program
We look forward to an interesting conference!

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@stefanbache WTF @kwbroman??? You’re going to CPH? Couldn’t you wait just a couple more weeks??

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