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July 1st, 2015

@stefanbache is quite ready to being on the history channel's Vikings. pic.twitter.com/mLOFjANVhj

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@drob @stefanbache Stefan is a super cool dude in person. We should all hang together sometime. Maybe next ropensci unconf.

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magrittr’s @stefanbache has other excellent tools:
import: bit.ly/1T5VuKS
ensurer: bit.ly/1T5VuKO

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My favorite custom question I add to my devtools checklist.

cc @quominus @JennyBryan @hadleywickham pic.twitter.com/hM7y39p9qP

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@JennyBryan Also I’m using some horrible mashup of current devtools and old git2r to make release() work.

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@JennyBryan You are right about httr-oauth file now in tests. Guess I haven’t messed with this in a month.

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Solving problems that can't be solved with R (insert many r jokes here) from @thosjleeper pic.twitter.com/o7KHWluIjm

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@kwbroman I hope they are pretending to play a game while taking your

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@riordan @tonyfischetti Tony just told me about how you guys met. Small world!

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@whytewithawhy Damn!
@arfon Are you available for cable management consulting?

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Can we do useR in Moscow for 2017?

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Now @tonyfischetti is doing a great job with assertr. github.com/tonyfischetti/…
suspect data %>% checking verbs %>% analysis.

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The testwhat package is an R equivalent of nbgrader. Really nice. github.com/Data-Camp/test…

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ledell Best talk title: "Multinomial functional regression with application to lameness detection for horses" 🐎 user2015.math.aau.dk/contributed_ta…

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@quominus Why can’t you attend? Laptop issues?

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@Rick_Scavetta @rOpenSci Yes! If the repository contains in then absolutely.

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