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July 7th, 2015

cosmicpinot @_inundata @UCBIDS so that's what it looks like! I didn't know all 3 of us signed the same chair (I got to go first)

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fperez_org Thrilled to announce $6M new support for @ProjectJupyter/@IPythonDev thx @HelmsleyT1D @MooreFound @SloanFoundation: bit.ly/1Tjk7E8

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@ctitusbrown I only sass you because I care. Biggest Swedish complaint so far. "How does Titus blog so much and how does he read our minds?"

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@mikaelhuss says "do you know that @ctitusbrown??"

Me: **sigh.** Yes.

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Found @cosmicpinot and my @UCBIDS director underneath my chair! pic.twitter.com/wCzugsStrm

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@sgrifter found a burrito place in my hood within minutes. Endorse me on LinkedIn for "Can find the Mission in any city", please.

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