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August 26th, 2015

@chrismentzel I bet you would like this feature given you work with @carlystrasser

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@ethanwhite dude you totally let me down. I bet @carlystrasser that you would be the first to favorite my sticker tweet.

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Wish I could mute language war conversations that happen in the office.

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@rgfitzjohn woah. Did you change your username? I miss @phylorich 😢

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tdhopper A developer is a device for turning StackOverflow code snippets into programs.

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@hadleywickham So brilliant! I can plug my wish lists directly into camelcamelcamel.

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Most favorite book purchase this year: amzn.to/1LBcxnD

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kyleve To maintain security, periodically paste your password into this dialog box that has no context. pic.twitter.com/iyXoAzXvRg

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