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September 20th, 2015

@ctitusbrown so @froggleston says "that Karthik looks like a fine horse. Great horse butt too".

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@ethanwhite @recology_ but the knowledge graph is so amazing though.

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@_NickGolding_ no, just across the channel this time. Likely in Oxford early November. Can ping you then. Skype also works in the meantime.

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@SusannaASansone Hey Susanna, what are you up to this evening? Want to eat dinner with me and @froggleston?

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@hadleywickham I'll totally design a tidyr logo and it'll be good. Serious q: gifs ok?
We've had dinner with a person that now prints gifs

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@ethanwhite @recology_ I won’t lie. It’s my second choice. Results are still not that great.

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When your wireless router is in your lap and the connection still times out. pic.twitter.com/flvlGxAa8t

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@jakevdp just got a chance to see your slides. Very nice! Did @stitchfix record the talk?

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