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November 4th, 2015

@quominus @kwbroman @JennyBryan Should I set aside some bail money from the user2016 budget?

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Quite shocked at how fast Uptown Oakland is undergoing gentrification.

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j_houg Github issues are the new YouTube comments. -- @qwzybug

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@noamross @kwbroman I know one from Davis quite well. EVE professor. :)

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deaneckles After successes, then failures and criticism (eg by @davidlazer), Google Flu Trends is no more junkcharts.typepad.com/numbersruleyou…

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@millerdl The @_inundata family strongly recommends drinking old fashioneds for colds, flu, joy, boredom, weeknights, apathy, and weekends.

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task is to clarify or re-define the core purpose of the data science across all its functions and to position it confidently for the future.

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Reading the press release for the “The big data brain trust” feels a lot like watching W1A. I really hope we hire a head of values.

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Very tempted to offer some UC Berkeley student a bounty to write a Selenium app to finish our useless hour long “CyberSecurity” training.

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@AmstatNews who do I speak to about permanently deleting my address from your database? Tired of having my address sold by you.

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@rjcmarkelz @CieraReports I don’t think y’all are appreciating my baking puns. 😕 I’ll let things cool on the sil for a bit.

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