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February 15th, 2016

@daattali Just read this over github.com/daattali/ddpcr…

You realize you are some kind of data science rockstar, right?

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@treycausey so tired of this. I could predict the goodbye letter even before clicking on the hn link.

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ricardobion Clever Wes Anderson/Rushmore reference in the @useR_Stanford abstract form. @_inundata pic.twitter.com/zKSEXFD5Sz

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Very pleased that @ricardobion was the first person to catch my Wes Anderson/Rushmore references in the @useR_Stanford abstract form.

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@barnicas it doesn’t take much to convince me to go to Central America but I’m going to New Zealand that week.

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These are all excellent untranslatable words.
Torschlusspanik, and Verschlimmbessern resonate pretty well.


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@talyarkoni Not API docs. Just any software documentation that goes beyond merely describing functionality.

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Can anyone point to really well written (R/Python) documentation that it could almost pass for a software paper?

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@TrestleJeff we apologize for the convenience. All mayhem will be restored shortly.

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