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April 13th, 2016

Emoji sentiment misconstrual - grouplens.org/blog/investiga…
Paper: grouplens.org/site-content/u…

Various messages make sense now.

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@JennyBryan @kara_woo @naupakaz @quominus Isn’t Twitter so predictably familiar? Like walking into Cheers.

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@denormalize I wasn’t interested in checking in, but more as a query tool.

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I really wish there were a Swarm CLI built with the same user experience as @sferik’s Twitter CLI (github.com/sferik/twitter)

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@chrisalbon Then again a local SIM in Europe card costs ~$10 and comes with 2gb LTE. Then again I’m spoiled by unlimited Verizon data here.

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“Working From Home Vs. Working In An Office“. theonion.com/graphic/workin…

Yup. pic.twitter.com/WPFPo17euU

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@JennyBryan You might enjoy the latest xkcd!

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@LizNeeley I’ll be cheering for you from Berlin. !

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@edyong209 Helen MacDonald blurbed your book? *swoon*

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