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May 4th, 2016

And is a wrap! Thanks for all the great talks and discussions!
We’ll post all the speaker videos on csvconf.com soon.

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Dynamics docs with embedded spreadsheets w/ support for Python/R. From the group that built elife lens.

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@thefreemanlab damn, your talk was amazeballs! Now I want to join your lab.

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mfenner New post on @datacite blog: Thinking about CSV blog.datacite.org/thinking-about…

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The @thefreemanlab describing how node has inspired his group to develop modules for disparate data pipelines. pic.twitter.com/kcgo7iqNaH

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datacite Official outfit by @_inundata pic.twitter.com/HDki9mGRjN

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~100 edits to Wikipedia/sec @joewass
@CrossrefOrg tracks DOI citation events from that stream


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Examples of recurring bad spreadsheet behavior. @JennyBryan pic.twitter.com/x639tKEq97

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@mfenner This is so cool! We noticed you were coding last night.

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mfenner Second day of starting with @JennyBryan keynote. Couldn't sleep last night, wrote down thoughts about CSVY speakerdeck.com/mfenner/csvy-c…

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