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September 14th, 2016

@alice_data made it on the last train with a minute to spare. Sorry to miss the rest of the festivities!

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@kennethrose82 yeah. Corner of the other room than the one we were in.

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@kennethrose82 are you back in the building?

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Getting a tour of cran this evening. pic.twitter.com/0egDY5xB6P

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shaka_lulu Hey @atlasobscura and @intel, I fixed your sexist article for you! Behold, "Why Do Hackers Love Penises So Much?" tangledfields.com/2016/09/13/why…

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@ethanwhite is just wrapping up. Last session will go till 4:30ish. Then you should grab drinks with @chrismentzel

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Off to make a quick appearance at

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@biocrusoe @kyleniemeyer I appreciate that you have finally stopped mocking my Harry Potter spell generator.

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