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September 15th, 2016

@davidwhogg "there is this interesting astronomer on Twitter"

me: Hogg?

Manchester dude: how did you know??

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@alice_data hey what is the book about becoming a farmer?

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@CarolineEJay great talk! Are your slides posted anywhere?

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Software can exist without a paper but a paper and the results can't. Wrong software = wrong science. pic.twitter.com/zOdpNgjHrU

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The barriers to using version control are still pretty high for most researchers from a RSE survey. pic.twitter.com/MP0lanELkw

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slides from A (very) brief history of the research software engineer

slides.com/simonhettrick/… pic.twitter.com/n7pjW9kiDL

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ethanwhite 'The correct form is "an RSE" not "a RSE"' Simon Hettrick. [think about it for a minute]

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Great talk by Simon Hettrick on the history of the research software engineer


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