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September 19th, 2016

In a world filled with stale journal tech, how refreshing to have automation via GitHub issues @JOSS_TheOJ pic.twitter.com/Or4qNuwoAO

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@denormalize We should continue our chat from last time. And I should also invite you to an upcoming meeting relevant to your interests.

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@denormalize I had bookmarked this when it came out (changelog.com/rfc-6/) but didn’t have a chance to fully listen till now.

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@ctitusbrown Max is now @denormalize. And his trajectory also has a lot of parallels with mine.

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@minebocek Is this a good time to brag about my R prompt for the past decade? :) pic.twitter.com/QB38kZd2tT

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@hadleywickham disappointed at the lack of more existential questions.

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