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May 3rd, 2017

Thanks for all the great talks and being part of this community. 💖📈

Stay tuned for talk videos!

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And is a wrap!

So much fun organizing it with these two! I also love that @denormalize photobombed this pic. pic.twitter.com/II5gyGJEDD

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@hollybik @groundwalkergmb @ryneches I love the Trappist! Sad to miss you two there.

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In d3.express, all notebooks are hashed and act as packages. Import one notebook into another. pic.twitter.com/ZFXqqfyxXf

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We randomly decided to get a llama on the way here from the airport and managed to pull it off without incident. Amazed and pleased

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I love that the data notebook space is getting so much love. Hearing about d3.express (reactive notebooks) @mbostock pic.twitter.com/JeX3Z0i2Ny

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hspter I didn't believe there'd be a lama, so now I need to say that is A-OK in my book twitter.com/_inundata/stat…

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I don’t think many keynote speakers have been welcomed on stage by a celebrity alpaca. @mbostock pic.twitter.com/OKRhC9M79p

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@gshotwell Trust me when I say we really tried.

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It’s a beautiful warm ☀️ day in Portland for
Still inside? alpaca your lunch and join us in the courtyard?

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GitHub already had a nice edit button to lower barrier to small code edits. They need something better for tabular data. - @potch pic.twitter.com/LrEvVolyYY

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Hearing from @potch about the painful workflow of easily editing data on GitHub
Pitching for a betted edit button for tabular data pic.twitter.com/ODljpo0GUf

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AngeBassa You can now check out my slides here: github.com/angelabassa/cs… pic.twitter.com/B7FzknoWw8

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