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May 19th, 2017

@hrbrmstr Excited to catch up with you in a few days!

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MPGreenwell Great week at the ! Lots of coding tips and tricks, just need to put them into practice. Thanks @nhcooper123 @annakrystalli @_inundata pic.twitter.com/hW7QBv4TP1

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This is quite possibly the best reason for tumblr to exist.


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@millerdl Urgent request #2:
@nhcooper123 thinks this is a goldcrest but I think this is a firecrest.

Please advise asap. pic.twitter.com/xqoHZCqSzl

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@millerdl URGENT: we need you to wear a red t-shirt tomorrow.

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@jebyrnes I didn’t do anything! However I observed at least one child sneeze directly and/or wipe boogers on most exhibits.

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@hollybik @ctitusbrown This is highly variable even across the UCs.

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@tomjwebb Very eager to learn about your expedition sound system. pic.twitter.com/NOo8QtCJTw

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@jhollist I have seen at least one child sneeze on/at every exhibit here. So far immune system is holding up, but I’m sure it’s not as strong as yours

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Lesson reinforced after spending a week teaching at the natural history museum. Never touch anything at a science museum. 👶 + 🤧

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