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August 2017

@j_houg So that’s my friend Ophie and her human Juliet - me.

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@hrbrmstr @united United gets the gate wrong most times. TripIt Pro is the worth the $39/year. United app had me at the wrong end of the terminal last week.

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If you work at a UC, it’s quite straightforward to archive research data. Here’s a quick primer from @UC3dash


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@madprime @MozillaScience @auremoser @rOpenSci @OpenHumansOrg It would be really helpful if you emailed fellowships@ropensci.org about your eligibility question.

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Has anyone seen @jtleek and @hadleywickham in the same room, ever? - @seankross

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@shaka_lulu yo! I’m hanging with @joshpeek and @arfon and I just heard you’re moving here for a bit!

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@LucyStats @rdpeng I’m eating dinner with someone who went to grad school with him.

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@rdpeng do you have an older brother who is an astronomer?

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Fun trick to find out any @github user’s signup number. Save the avatar and look at the filename 🤓

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ReScienceEds Sustainable computational science: the ReScience initiative. arxiv.org/abs/1707.04393 pic.twitter.com/5nyHHxBp4c

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@kwbroman @LucyStats Don’t worry Karl. I will never let yolo go beyond the default.

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@staeiou @jhamrick @UCBerkeley Oh Stuart, do not pass up the opportunity to enact this meme IRL. pic.twitter.com/MzMftEtPkT

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rennavate Them: "If you hate Twitter so much, why don't you delete your account?"
Me: pic.twitter.com/S2zvxetkcg

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